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Treatment of Acyclovir cyst. Progressive arachnoid cysts, cysts accompanied by epilepsy and / or a significant increase in intracranial pressure, not stopped by conservative methods of therapy, are subject to surgical treatment. To resolve the issue of the advisability of Zovirax treatment of an arachnoid cyst and the choice of the optimal method for its implementation, a neurosurgeon is consulted.
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In the presence of hemorrhage in the area of ​​the arachnoid cyst and in case of its rupture, complete excision of the cyst is indicated.

However, this method of treatment is highly traumatic and requireslengthy recovery period. Therefore, in the absence of complications, preference is given to endoscopic intervention with the so-called. cyst fenestration. The operation is performed through a burr hole and consists in aspiration of the contents of the cyst, followed by the creation of holes connecting the cyst cavity with the ventricle of the brain and / or subarachnoid space.


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The arachnoid cyst of the brain can have a very different course. In many cases, it is asymptomatic throughout the patient's life. The danger is progressive arachnoid cysts. If diagnosed late, they can cause disabling neurological deficits and even death. Timely surgical treatment of the cyst, as a rule, leads to recovery. A complication may be a recurrence of acyclovir pills.


Prevention of congenital arachnoid cysts, as well as the prevention of other intrauterine malformations, includes the correct management of pregnancy and the observance of a special protective regime by the pregnant woman, which excludes harmful effects on the fetus. Prevention of acquired arachnoid cysts is the correct and timely treatment of injuries, inflammatory and vascular cerebral diseases.



Symptoms and methods of treatment of the arachnoid cyst of the brain. An arachnoid cyst of the brain is a benign neoplasm in the form of a bladder located between the membranes of the brain and filled with cerebrospinal fluid. In most cases, the pathology is asymptomatic, detected by chance during an MRI. However, a large formation will put pressure on the brain tissue, leading to the progression of unpleasant symptoms.

The following types of neoplasms are distinguished depending on localization: Arachnoid cyst. Education is located between the membranes of the brain. It is more commonly diagnosed in male patients. In the absence of tumor growth, treatment is not required. In childhood, it can cause hydrocephalus, an increase in the size of Zovirax pills.

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Retrocerebellar arachnoid cyst of the brain. The development of a pathological formation in the thickness of the organ is characteristic. The main causes: stroke, encephalitis, impaired blood supply. A retrocerebellar cyst can lead to the destruction of neurons in the brain. Subarachnoid cyst of the brain. This is a congenital pathological formation that is discovered by chance. The disease can cause convulsions, unsteady gait, pulsation inside the head. Arachnoid cerebrospinal fluid cyst. Education develops in patients with atherosclerotic and age-related changes.
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Types of cysts of the brain.

Depending on the causes of development, pathology can be: primary (congenital). It is formed during intrauterine development of the fetus or due to strangulation in a child during childbirth. An example of such a formation is Blake's pouch cyst; secondary. Pathological formation develops against the background of previous diseases or exposure to environmental factors.



According to the clinical picture of the disease, there are: progressive formations. An increase in clinical symptoms is characteristic, which is associated with an increase in the size of the arachnoid formation; frozen neoplasms. They have a latent course, do not increase in volume.

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It is worth considering in more detail what an arachnoid cyst is, its causes, symptoms and treatment tactics. Determination of the type of brain cyst according to this classification is of paramount importance for the choice of effective therapy tactics. Causes of an arachnoid cyst.

The arachnoid cyst of the sphenoid sinus can develop against the background of Marfan's syndrome (mutations of the connective tissue), hypogenesis of the corpus callosum (absence of partitions in this structure). Spending time outside, especially now as spring turns into summer, is so important to our mental health. Go for a walk, ride your bike, read a book at a park... find what you love and get outdoors. You'll be amazed by how good it can feel. 

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Congenital (brain cyst in newborns) are formed against the background of violations of the processes of intrauterine development of the brain. Today, resist the temptation to get distracted and instead focus on your surroundings, the people you're spending time with, and living life in the moment. 

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Secondary formations develop due to such conditions: Too often, we think strength means we can do everything on our own. That couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is that we all need to ask for help from time to time, and being able to ask is what truly shows our strength.

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An arachnoid cyst in the temporal region often develops as a result of the development of a hematoma. Now, more than ever, conversations about mental health are essential. Open the door and have those conversations... Together, we can all find hope. 

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Pathology is characterized by the presence of nonspecificsymptomatology, which complicates the diagnosis. The manifestations of the disease are determined by the localization of the pathological formation, its size.

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